Third Monster Design


this design was really fun.  A vast majority of the people who I contacted asking for ideas had mentioned the character sully from monsters inc. So in using his color scheme I came up with a large top heavy character with purple tufts of fur throughout its body. I took some liberties by adding in more ape like qualities and then adding two thumbs to his hands. Also reversing the feet was a fun touch.


Second monster Design

this design was given to me by my friend kelcie, her description of the monster was ” small green long claws with big teeth that drip spit, and when it screams it shatters glass.” I had a lot of fun coming up with this one giving it a snake like body and caterpillar features with the fuzzy things and spikes. monster_02

Monster Paintings!

So for my senior short my class is most likely working on a film about monsters. It is my desire to be the art director for this process so I’m having daily challenges. They consist of texting friends, family, or acquaintances and asking them to describe the first image that pops into their heads when they hear the word “monster.” My goals are to get awesome silhouettes and use saturated color palettes to instill a sense of innocence and childhood imagination.

My good friend Colin replied to this description. “Red eyes and pointy teeth, with some rough yet smooth scaly skin and spikes on its body.” Estimated time of completion, 1 hour for the design 2 hours for the painting.

This is my first piece.monster_01

Updated stills from My short film

Work From Current Short films

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